Enabler of circular bioeconomy

Biotrend contributes to the transition to a circular bioeconomy and to the creation of sustainable plastics. In this week’s annual meeting of the RES-URBIS project www.resurbis.eu, waste-derived PHBV, a biodegradable biopolyester, comes to focus. Industrial food-processing waste was used by the team at the New University of Lisbon to select and grow mix microbial cultures able to accumulate PHBV. By using its novel aqueous-base method, Biotrend extracted and purified PHBV which could be effectively processed by extrusion at INRA/Montpellier to obtain a PHBV filament and by electrospinning at Bioinicia, further widening the range of applications.

Funguschain progress meeting at Biotrend

Biotrend welcomes the Funguschain partners to the 24 Month meeting in Portugal. We will discuss the latest developments on the valorisation of mushroom farming residues as a case to set up new cascading possibilities using innovative procedures to extract high value bio-based additives, convert lipids into bioplasticisers and polysaccharides into biopolymers using remaining side streams in substrates to close the agricultural cycle by composting and/or biogas synthesis. The meeting includes a visit to Biotrend’s state-of-the art facilities in which we are leading the development of the conversion technologies for biopolyester production. https://funguschain.eu