Move2LowC aims to produce biofuel for the air and heavy road transport of goods and passengers sectors. This project will allow the development of a technological rationale, up to TRL 6, and a technological exploration plan that supports the investment in the production of biofuels on a commercial scale.

Project code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046117

Project Name: Move2LowC – Bio-based fuels
Intervention region: North | Center | Lisbon | Alentejo
Consortium leader: A4F – Algafuel, S.A.
Approval date: 28/10/2020
Start date: 28/10/2021
Conclusion date: 30/06/2023
Total eligible cost: 8 270 246,79 €
European Union financial aid: 4 641 491,52 €
Total eligible cost Biotrend SA: 256 999.33 €
Strategic objectives:

The main objective of the Move2LowC project is the development of biofuels for sectors such as aviation and heavy duty road transportation, by establishing different technologies to at least TRL 6, whilst establishing an exploitation plan to support the investment in biofuel production on a commercial scale.


Biotrend role:

Biotrend will apply its specialist know-how and infrastructure to optimize and scale-up fermentation processes that allow the conversion of lignocellulosic hydrolysates into lipids that can be converted to biofuels, using oleaginous yeasts.

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