Project examples
Project examples

Innovative enzyme engineering company

Increase the productivity and reduce the production cost of an industrial enzyme.
Problem: Reduce the production cost for an existing product produced at 50,000L scale.
Approach: Implement fermentation strategy with improved feeding regimes of nutrients and inducer.
Result: Higher cell densities and higher specific activities allowed reduction of raw materials cost of more than 80%.

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Pulp and paper multinational, world leader in premium office paper

Fermentation of carbon-rich waste streams from pulp and paper mills.

Marine biotechnology

  • Reduce cost of production of cell extracts for cosmetic use.
  • Reduce cost of production of marine microorganism biomass for protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Very high cell density fermentation.
  • Scale-up a process for heterotrophic fermentation of microalgae.
  • Increase the productivity and scale-up of the production of ingredients with anti-fouling properties.

Problem: Provide the proof of concept beyond bench-scale discovery.
Approach: Develop fed-batch fermentation protocol from lab flask to 250L industry-standard bioreactor. Successfully transferred to 15,000L.
Result: >35-fold increase in productivity. Milestone met months earlier than expected.

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Innovative pest management in agriculture

  • Production of pheromones that disrupt mating attraction of agricultural pests.
  • Production of microbial biomass producing molecules with biocidal activity to be used as replacement of chemical pesticides.

Leading confectionery multinational

  • Produce biomaterials for packaging from carbohydrate-rich residues.

Beverage companies

  • Scale-up of the production of innovative fermented beverages based on fruit juice.
  • Screening and scale-up of the production of novel yeasts for the wine industry.
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