Plan | Recovery and Resilience Plan (Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência – PRR)

Structuring Dimension | RE. Resilience

Support under | C05. Business Capitalization and Innovation

Investment Name | RE-C05-i01.01 – Mobilizing Agendas/Alliances for Business Innovation

Consortium Leader | Inovamar, S.A.

Agenda Description |
Advocating a new sustainable, innovative, and decarbonizing paradigm that sees the sea as a response to the global shortage of terrestrial resources, and bringing together various national industries, the Blue Bioeconomy Pact aims to develop new products, processes, and services resulting from the incorporation of blue bioeconomy goods into new or existing value chains, with a positive impact on the environment, consumers’ lives, and national exports. It will invest in 7 sectors – through the application of biomaterials; a new paradigm for bivalve production; marine-based textiles; sustainability in the food sector; increased algae production; circular food solutions; bioinformatics for the fisheries sector – and in 3 cross-cutting initiatives aimed at accelerating the development and commercialization of products and services in the sector – the Portuguese Blue Biobanks network, a digital platform for the valorization of marine co-products, and the promotion of growth and internationalization of companies and SMEs.
Thus, the planned investment aims to (i) drive the development of a cutting-edge industrial economic sector based on the application of marine bioreources to multiple industries; (ii) be the first major demonstration of the cross-cutting and ecological potential of marine biotechnology solutions; (iii) help position Portugal globally as a pioneer in a sector estimated to reach €200 billion globally by 2030; (iv) materialize the significant growth and innovation opportunity for maritime industries (aquaculture, fisheries, canning) and the differentiation of traditional Portuguese industries that are currently distant from the sea (textile, cork, fertilizers, human health).

Start Date | 01-10-2021

End Date | 31-12-2025

Total Investment | 133 084 957,80 €

MRR (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) / Next Generation EU Incentive | 93 838 407,60 €


Beneficiary Entity | Biotrend S.A.

Beneficiary Investment | 1 104 191,55 €

Beneficiary Incentive | 707 308,16 €

Objectives, Activities, and Expected Results |
Development, optimization, and scale-up of fermentation processes for the production of biodegradable biopolyesters from starch derived from microalgae. Valorization of the entire microalgae biomass in biopolyester production, with process sustainability benefits and cost reduction. Implementation of an aqueous-based extraction and purification process for the produced biopolyesters, which, together with the fermentation process, allows the modulation of their mechanical properties. Supply of biopolyesters to partners for characterization and application testing and pilot-scale production.

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